Joseph MacDonald

Joseph Macdonald is the founder and current President of Angus Associates, consultants and trainers in change management. He previously served as Director of the MBA (Financial Services) Program at Dalhousie University. In addition to this position, he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in International Business, Multicultural Management, Finance, Accounting, and Strategy for universities in Canada, China, and southern Africa. Joseph received his B.Comm. degree from the University of Alberta and his MBA from Dalhousie University. He has conducted research and undertaken consulting contracts in the areas of Needs Assessment, Competency Modelling, Project Management, Management in a Multicultural Setting, Cultural Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions, International Financial Management, and International Market Development.

Joseph has held financial services and wholesale management positions in businesses across Canada, and general management positions in southern Africa. He has consulted in the areas of human resource leadership and management, curriculum development, market development, strategy implementation, and turn-around strategy to companies in North America, Asia, South America, and Africa. He has also operated his own marketing, wholesale, and consulting companies.

Joseph brings new approaches and concepts to bear on old problems and processes. He is an entrepreneur by design and in spirit. He understands the emotional competencies and adaptability that individuals require in their environment, and within themselves, to thrive and to nurture success.