Alonzo WInd

 Over 30 years experience as an international development practitioner in Africa, western Asia and Latin America. Within that period, 20+ years of USAID accomplishments in public health, governance and stabilization, and the environment. Excellent skills and experience in program oversight, monitoring and evaluation, community development, humanitarian food assistance, project and program management, youth development, gender in development, capacity building, democracy and human rights. 

  • Strong writer and communicator in diverse and complex cultural settings 
  • Coach, mentor and team builder 
  • Ample USG interagency and multi-lateral donor experience 
  • Constructive approaches to counter/prevent violent extremism (P/VE) in areas of civil conflict. 
  • Achievements in evidence-based program learning, public-private alliance-building, NGO networking 
  • Leader in the fields of community health, integrated development approaches, youth development and leadership, and USAID’s “Journey to Self-Reliance” redesign.