Multicultural Personality Questionnaire

The Multicultural Personality Questionnaire (MPQ) was developed in scientific research by Prof. Dr Karen I. van der Zee and Prof. Dr. Jan Pieter van Oudenhoven, cross-cultural psychologists in  the Netherlands.  It is an on-line personality assessment  questionnaire that was constructed specifically to describe behavior when one is interacting with people from different cultures. The MPQ may be used to predict how easily people are likely to adjust to other cultures and come to feel at home with them.
The MPQ assesses five personality factors: Cultural Empathy, Open-mindedness, Social Initiative, Emotional Stability and Flexibility.
For a short description of each of the five personality factors assessed by the MPQ and examples of responses to the questionnaire download the attached file below.
The on-line test is available in English and French, and can be completed in less than ten minutes. For pricing and scheduling information contact us at
For background information on the MPQ please see:
The Multicultural Personality Questionnaire: A Multidimensional Instrument of Multicultural EffectivenessKAREN I. VAN DER ZEE and JAN PIETER VAN OUDENHOVEN, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, in: European Journal of Personality Eur. J. Pers. 14, 291 309 (2000)