Diversity and Change workshop

This workshop helps managers and employees deal with the impacts of diversity, instability and unpredictable change. It provides concepts and tools to assist managers and employees to understand and deal effectively with the reality of operating in a turbulent environment.

The workshop increases skills needed to address the human impacts of activities such as diversification, downsizing and related changes in their organizations. These human relations skills lend order to instability and foster the creativity that makes it possible for organizations to thrive in these rapidly-changing times.

  • Information is presented in the following categories:
  • Our changing society
  • Perceptions of racism in management decisions
  • Diversity and human relations
  • Managing change and instability
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Groups in a changing organization
  • Creative use of conflict
  • Work groups and teams
  • Power and change in organizations
  • Responses to organizational change
  • Learning and planned change
  • Emotions, self-management and change

There is much more in this manual than can be covered in a brief training session. This workbook is a resource for dealing with the human impacts of diversity and organizational change—workshops are tailored to each organization and material is selected as required to meet the needs of particular groups of learners.