Clients & Activities

    Checchi Consulting and USAID - Afghanistan. Team Leader, Governance Sector Assessment; generating information for USAID's future planning in  Afghanistan. 
    Integrity Watch Afghanistan - Consultant, Gap Analysis of Afghanistan's Conflict of Interest Regulations.
    GIZ Afghanistan - Policy Advisor, Open Policy Advisory Fund  (OPAF).  Support for development of a national policy management framework in Afghanistan
    GIZ Iraq - Capacity Development Specialist. Governence project design assistance; strengthening decentralization and subnational administration in Iraq
    GIZ Afghanistan - Policy Advisor. Strengthening subnational governance and Centre of Governmen's Monitoring & Evaluation system
    GIZ Afghanistan - Governance Advisor. General assessment of governance to contribute to German development programming for Afghanistan.
    Checchi Consulting and USAID - Afghanistan. Evaluation specialist, evaluation of RAMP-UP, a large four-contractor project strengthening municipal governance in Afghanistan.
    Checchi Consulting and USAID - Afghanistan. Team leader, performance evaluation of USAID's Subnational Governance Project serving all 34 Afghan provinces.
    IBTCI and USAID - Yemen. Governance specialist - mid-term evaluation of USAID's Responsive Governance Program. Supporting emergence of stable government and transition as part of Yemen's Arab Spring revolution.
    Checchi Consulting and USAID - Afghanistan. Team leader - performance evaluation of the District Delivery Program, an Afghan initiative to quickly establish civil service operations in areas recently "cleared" by the military. 
    DFID and Adam Smith International - Afghanistan.  Transition Advisor. Helping Afghanistan’s Independent Directorate of Local Governance strengthen subnational government and prepare for withdrawal of international military and development supports.
    USAID and Checchi Consulting - Louis Berger Group, Inc. - Afghanistan. Team Leader and Capacity Development Senior Expert. Organizational reform in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.
    Louis Berger Group Inc. - Afghanistan. Public Administration Reform Project Design Expert.  Assisting with design of a $400M+ USAID-DFID-World Bank Governance and Public Administrative Reform project.
    Louis Berger Group Inc. - Afghanistan. Public Administration Reform Expert.  Assessment of USAID’s Afghanistan Civil Service Support (ACSS) program, input to design of follow-on World Bank led public administration reform project.
    Adam Smith International - Afghanistan. Central Support Unit Advisor, Afghanistan District Delivery Program. Diagnostic of the DDP, strengthening public administration to increase legitimacy of government in recently-secured districts.
    UNDP-Geopolicity Inc. - Iraq. Chief Technical Advisor, Iraq Public Sector Modernization Program, scoping phase.  Supporting sector specialists in education, water-sanitation and health, drafting a road map for renewal of the Iraqi public service.
    Management Systems International (MSI) - Iraq.  Senior Advisor – Operations Research, and Public Administration Advisor, USAID Tatweer public administration reform program.  Helping the Kurdistan Regional Government set up a Center for Administrative Development, assessing sustainability of training inputs, change management and defining “graduation” of agencies receiving aid; helping set up the new Iraqi Civil Service Commission and Provincial Civil Service Commissions, implementing the new Civil Service Law.
    RTI International – Iraq. Team Leader, Civil Service Program. Senior Governance Advisor on the Iraq Local Governance Program, focusing on strengthening the provincial civil service in Iraq.
    UNDP – Afghanistan. Writing Strategic Plan for the Operationalization of the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute.
    Pearson Peacekeeping Center — Ottawa. Project design and proposal writing for a capacity development facility to support peace operations
    Communications Security Establishment — Ottawa. Awareness sessions to establish a valuing-diversity corporate culture in CSE.
    Canadian Forces Leadership Institutute — Kingston. Writing Warriors and Nation Builders, a training aid for senior officers on development-military collaboration in a counterinsurgency campaign.
    Comprehensive Care International — Cairo. Project Management and organization development for the start-up of a new children's cancer hospital in Cairo, Egypt - service provided by Toronto-based CCI.
    UNDP — Afghanistan Chief technical advisor, Capacity for Afghan Public Service (CAP) project.
    Pearson Peacekeeping Centre — Ottawa Faculty, United Nations Integrated Mission Staff Officers Course, Cornwallis.
    Strategic Advisory Team — Afghanistan. Capacity Development Specialist embedded in a Canadian military team providing strategic planning supports to the Government of Afghanistan.
    United Nations Development Program — Qatar. Capacity Development specialist on an assessment team drafting a framework for UNDP support for Qatar's human development program.
    Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Capacity Development Expert, Project Design Mission, Office of the Auditor General, Bangladesh
    Canadian International Development Agency. Capacity development specialist.
    CANADEM. Screening observers for Ukraine presidential elections using on-line Multicultural Personality Questionnaire.
    Consulting & Audit Canada. Evaluation of Embracing Change Initiative – a program to increase visible minority representation in the Federal Public Service.
    Mood Disorders Society of Canada. Process evaluation of emerging network of mental health NGOs.
    National Network for Mental Health. Facilitation of strategic planning for national network of mental health NGOs.
    Canadian Hunger Foundation - Partners in Rural Development. Strategic planning design and facilitation for rapidly growing international development NGO.
    MDS Nordion, Fleurus, Belgium. Cross cultural change management in the pharmaceutical sector
    WestWind Pictures, Toronto. Design assistance with children's media initiative in Africa
    House of Commons Canada Employment Equity Policy development
    National Defence Canadian Forces recruitment in a diverse and changing society
    Canadian International Development Agency Evaluation of a development project serving Roma in Slovak Republic
    KPMG Toronto. Organizational analysis and team building for National Recruiting Team.
    City of Ottawa. Workplace climate analysis supporting human rights and harassment prevention.
    Habitat for Humanity. Impact evaluation training for Habitat's Global Training Team, Bangkok.
    Department of National Defence. Research on contributions of visible minorities to Canadian military history.
    Department of Justice Canada. Preparation of Results-based Management and Accountability Framework (RMAF) for the Access to Justice and Emerging Issues Fund.
    Health Canada HIV/AIDS Strategy. Assessment of HIV/AIDS Strategy Public Accountability Framework, development of an Accountability Framework for the Aids Community Action Program (ACAP).
    Citizenship & Immigration Canada. Valuing Diversity training for CIC staff.
    Rural Response for Healthy Children. Qualitative evaluation of Health Canada funded CAPC volunteer training and management project
    Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Standing offer for qualitative program evaluation.
    Canadian International Development Agency. Writing Belief and Culture in Development Framework, and facilitation of planning retreat for Indigenous Peoples Program network.
    Office of the Auditor General of Canada. Presentation on Day for the Elimination of Racial Prejudice: Subtle factors in minority-group marginalization.
    Metro Toronto Housing Corporation. Diversity in the Community training for security personnel.
    Labour Adjustment Committee (Ontario Ministry of Training). Design and production of Labour Adjustment Committee Handbook and Roadmap.
    Natural Resources Canada, Information Management Branch. Training design and delivery: Managing your Electronic Mail.
    Citizenship & Immigration Canada - Settlement Branch. Design and facilitation of national settlement meeting: Working Together to Settle Future Citizens.
    Metro Toronto Housing Authority. Analysis and remediation of race and equity problems in MTHA's Security Service.
    Natural Resources Canada, Information Management Branch. Managing Diversity and team building training.
    Pearson Peacekeeping Centre. Training design for Gender and Peace Operations.
    Citizenship & Immigration Canada - Citizenship Branch. Design and facilitation of national staff meeting: Working Together to Get the Job Done: Building and Belonging
    Public Service Commission. Training and definition of performance indicators: Recruitment for a representative public service.
    NORTEL. Change, Teams, Conflict, Creativity and Productivity for recently merged technical groups.
    National Defence, Canadian Forces Diversity Office. Leaders Diversity Guide for Commanding Officers, SME (Subject Matter Expert) for Diversity & Gender Integration planning session.
    Natural Resources Canada, Legal Surveys. Intercultural relations with First Nations.
    UNDP/UNOCHA - Afghanistan. Implementation plan for Common Programming in Afghanistan
    Office of the Auditor-General of Canada. Employment Systems Review for employment equity
    National Defence, Leadership and Recruit School. Diversity and gender equity training for trainers of Canadian Forces officers and recruits
    United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) - Afghanistan. Documentation of community development strategy in Mazar-e-Sharif and other cities in Afghanistan.
    Atomic Energy Control Board. Organizational analysis and employment equity program development
    Solicitor-General of Canada (CSIS). Intercultural awareness training
    RCMP North Vancouver & West Vancouver Police. Policing in a diverse and changing society
    Indian & Northern Affairs Canada. (Lands and Trust Services) Work group analysis & organizational change
    Public Service Commission of Canada, Yukon. Diversity Issues Awareness & Education Project
    Citizenship & Immigration Canada. Institution-building — National Conference Facilitation and Interim Secretariat Services: Canadian Language Benchmarks Project
    National Defence NHQ. Managing Diversity/Managing Change training
    Department of Justice. Reward & recognition system analysis, team diagnosis & staff retreat facilitation, management training, (Diversity, Work Groups & Change and Employee Performance Evaluation), Senior management committee consultation process training
    NORTEL. Work Group Diagnosis and Team Building for new and expanding work groups
    Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Analysis of Barriers to Equity of Access to Opportunity (Communications Bureau)
    Canadian Human Rights Commission. Training-of-Trainers for Equity and Diversity
    Solicitor-General of Ontario. OPP Senior Managers' Conference keynote presentations: Stereotyping: A Paradox; and Organizational Change — Toward Participatory Management.
    Privy Council Office. Work Group Diagnosis and Team Building retreat facilitation
    Manitoba Telephone Co. Employment Equity and Team Building Training for senior managers
    Natural Resources Canada. Training: Beyond Survival and Renewal—concepts and tools for managing people in turbulent times, and People Skills in a Diverse and Changing Organization
    Health Canada. Training of Trainers for managing diversity and supporting employment equity
    Public Service Commission, Diversity Directorate. Training for marketing special measures innovation fund (SMIF)
    Ontario Training & Adjustment Board (OTAB). Diversity Addendum for OTAB Adjustment Manual
    Ottawa Board of Education. Systemic Approach to Increasing School Effectiveness in a Changing Community: field test research and project design
    CIDA Re-engineering unit work group diagnosis and team building training, (Briefing Center) Exchange of Skills training for co-operants and spouses.
    Sault Tribe, Sault Ste Marie, MI. Tribal enterprise organizational analysis and management training
    NWT Department of Justice. Senior management retreat facilitation, work group diagnosis and team building
    Human Resources Symposium. Navigation Principles for Handling Ambiguity and Change
    Poundmaker's Adolescent Treatment Center, St. Paul, Alberta. Work group analysis & Managing Diversity training
    Revenue Canada. Race relations and cross-cultural sensitization training
    Transport Canada. Diversity awareness training for Air Traffic Controller recruiters and Flight Service Specialists
    Supply & Services Canada. Diversity, Work Groups & Change training
    Immigration and Refugee Board. Managing Diversity training
    Canadian Centre for Management Development. Work Groups & Teams, and Managing Diversity
    Health & Welfare Canada, Health Protection Branch. Managing Diversity training
    Laboratory Centre for Disease Control. Work Group Diagnosis for participatory management
    Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada. Design & facilitation of symposium on integration of 1st generation immigrants
    Ottawa Board of Education. Managing Diversity training for ESL personnel
    University of Guelph. Anti-racism training for university personnel
    Kingston & Frontenac District Housing Authority. Race relations training for social housing personnel
    Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association. Institution-building: work group diagnosis, corporate mission statement definition, organizational and community development program design
    Comptroller-General of Canada. Work group diagnosis and Managing Diversity training
    Iron Ore Company of Canada. Improving senior level work groups: diagnosis of team blockages.
    Canadian Human Rights Commission, Bank of Canada, National Archives, Rent Review Hearings Board (Ontario), Government of Yukon. — Managing Diversity training
    Department of Indian and Northern Affairs — Eastern Canada. Native/Cross Cultural Awareness workshops for DIA personnel (in French and English).
    Tungavik Federation of Nunavut (TFN Training) — Ottawa. Leadership training for Inuit land claims training program, Land Claims Liaison Worker training.
    Employment & Immigration Canada — Ottawa. Culture, Employment Equity and Organizations: training for Federal Employment Equity Program staff.
    Indian & Northern Affairs - Self-Government Branch, Ottawa. Design, facilitation and report preparation of a National Symposium on Education for Indian Self-Government.
    Bell Northern Research — Ottawa. Communication and Cultural Awareness skills; technical personnel.
    The Management Centre, Algonquin College — Ottawa. Team Building and organizational analysis.
    Catholic Immigration Centre — Ottawa. Team building and organizational development
    Algonquin College and Cambrian College — Ottawa and Sudbury. Intercultural relations training
    Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation, Bethel, Alaska. Management training and program design for a community-based alcohol and drug abuse program.
    Teslin Indian Band — Teslin, Yukon. Cross-cultural workshop to improve relationships between school staff and Band Education Committee.
    Council for Yukon Indians, Whitehorse. Planner and advisor of the Good Spirits Festival; Consulting assistance with CYI Social Programs Department.

Evaluation and Program Design

    Consulting & Audit Canada. Evaluation of Treasury Board Secretariat's Embracing Change initiative, a program to increase participation of visible minorities in the federal public service.
    Mood Disorders Society of Canada. Process evaluation and capacity development of an emerging network of mental health NGOs.
    CIDA – Slovak Republic. Evaluation of Canadian International Development Agency project serving Roma in Svinia, Slovakia.
    ACCO - Assemblée des Centres culturel de l'Ontario. Assessment of training and organizational development needs of Francophone cultural centers in Ontario.
    UNDP/UNOCHA (Afghanistan). Design and test of an independent community-based monitoring & evaluation process for Common Programming in Afghanistan
    Congress of Aboriginal Peoples. Research & drafting position papers for parliamentary committees on social development and economic development
    Revenue Canada, Taxation. Design Consultant: Prospering Through Diversity program
    University of Guelph. Educational Equity program design
    Catholic Immigration Centre — Ottawa. Evaluation of refugee and immigrant settlement services
    Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association. Training and Human Resource Development program design and implementation for culturally-appropriate economic development
    Cornwall & District Multicultural Council. Need assessment for newcomer settlement services in Cornwall
    Congress of Aboriginal Peoples. Research for national Aboriginal health policy, Youth development program design
    OCISO and Secretary of State (Women's Directorate). Gender Equity and Newcomers: Implications for Training of Service Providers
    United Nations Association in Canada — Ottawa. Refugee Issues Curriculum Development Project
    ATII Training Ottawa. Evaluation of TFN Training Program (Assessment of a training program for Inuit managers)
    Employment & Immigration Canada — Federal Contractors Program. Assessment of impact of employment equity programming on smaller firms.
    Department of Agriculture — Ottawa. Feasibility study for a Native Education Support Program.
    Department of Immigration — Ontario Region. Research and program design for a new Refugee Reception House system in four cities in Ontario.
    Department of Indian and Northern Affairs — Evaluation Branch, Ottawa. Research and program development for a systematic and participatory approach to the evaluation of band and federal schools.
    NNADAP Yukon (National Native Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program). Participatory research project: Identification of Yukon Native Cultural Content for Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program Design.
    NEDAA — Northern Native Broadcasting, Yukon, Whitehorse. Research & preparation of a background paper: Alcohol Abuse in Northern Native Communities: an Overview of Major Issues and Approaches — script development for a four-part television series on northern native alcohol & drug abuse.
    Health & Welfare Canada, Medical Services Branch, Whitehorse. Evaluation and drafting of the 2nd edition of The Real Gold: Yukon People, a cross-cultural orientation manual for health professionals working with native people in the north.
    University of Alaska (Fairbanks) College of Human and Rural Development. Participatory evaluation of Bernard Van Leer Project, Alaska — Parenting Education and Community Development in Rural Alaska.
    Secretary of State, Canada (with Whitehorse Boys and Girls Club). Research project design and direction assessing Conditions of Youth in Yukon
    DPA Consultants Ltd., Calgary. Research, design, and data analysis for a northern native management education system.
    University of Lethbridge — Four Worlds Development Project. Research, analysis and writing related to a culturally-appropriate native-oriented formal and non-formal social, education and community development support program.
    Department of Indian Affairs, Education Branch, Yukon Region, Whitehorse. Parenting Education Program Development, Ross River, Yukon.
    Dene Nation, Yellowknife. Design of a research program to assess the extent and nature of alcohol and drug abuse problems in native communities in the western NWT.
    National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program, Yukon. Evaluation and development of rural social and community development projects; Design of Needs Assessment research program.

Other Development Activities: Non-Government Organizations & Overseas

    FUNDAEC, Cali, Colombia. Proposal preparation and monitoring of a $1.4M CIDA project to support expansion of tutorial learning program (SAT) serving some 60,000 secondary students in the region.
    Asociacion Bayan, La Ceiba, Honduras. Assistance with culturally-appropriate tutorial training program for rural development in La Mosquitia, Honduras.
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Improving intercultural relations in the community. Race relations project panelist, guest speaker, seminar leader.
    Kenya, Uganda & Zambia. Primary Health Care Program Design and Management: Collaboration with African NGOs to secure funding from Canadian Public Health Association, and assistance with implementation and management of rural PHC/Immunization projects.
    India. Administration assistance with rural education and economic development project.
    Management Training for Development, Uganda. Design of culturally-appropriate field-based training for indigenous managers of African development projects.
    Assemblée Nationale des Bahá'’s de Burkina-Faso. Hygiene and Nutrition Training Project, Phase 2: Project monitoring and design assistance (in collaboration with a CIDA-affiliated NGO).
    Community Radio Otavalo, Otavalo, Ecuador. Assessment of a rural development project in Otavalo area, Ecuador.
    Anis Zunuzi School, Lilavois, Haiti. Evaluation of operation of Anis Zunuzi School, and planning assistance with integrated rural development project (in collaboration with a CIDA-affiliated NGO in Canada).