Organization Development & Institution Building

Culturally Appropriate Institution Building
Design of institutions that are compatible with local cultures.

- analysis of indigenous administrative practices and institutional forms
- design and implementation of training and organization development strategies consistent with indigenous patterns

Community Development
Collaborative approach to helping people improve their communities and organizations.

analysis of formal and informal patterns of influence, identification of strategies to foster change, training and organization development to support desired change

Introduction of Innovation
Fostering sustainable change in organizations.

- Organizational analysis for introduction of change
- identification of receptive systems and boundary conditions
- definition of feasible intervention strategies

Reward and Recognition System Analysis
Analysis of factors influencing employee behaviors.

- Participatory exploration of formal and informal reward and recognition processes
- analysis of impacts on employee morale, attitudes and behaviors
- strategies to align actions with organization's purpose

Work Group Diagnosis and Team Building
Increasing group cohesion and improving intergroup relations.

- Organizational scan
- identification of work group blockages
- team development
- group dynamics
- conflict management
- definition of structural and human relations strategies to strengthen teams and inter-group collaboration.

Senior Management Retreat Facilitation
Design and facilitation of management planning sessions.

- Meeting planning
- communication strategies
- facility preparation
- group consultation facilitation
- outcome definition and implementation assistance

Qualitative Program Evaluation
Analysis of the quality of program activity.

qualitative evaluation of intentional and non-intentional impacts of activities at three levels: process outcome and impact, with a focus on people and their institutions

Development Project Design and Evaluation
Design of development activities in Canada and worldwide.

- assistance with conceptualization, design and implementation of development projects
- qualitative evaluation of project results at cognitive, affective and behavioral levels
- focus is on sustainability, capacity building and equity