Ahmed G. Al Harazi


Professional Summary


Senior international development professional with more than 20 years of broad, diverse experience working in developing countries in international project management, capacity building and development of local government officials, conceptualizing, planning, implementing, and evaluating projects. Recent work has been with Research Triangle Institute in working with host government organizations in managing and administering multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams.

  • Specialized in providing capacity development and Good Governance program through provision of top quality training and policy advice for international organizations and governments; managing and administering multi-national and multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Performed as project Regional Team Leader and Team Leader for multilateral and national institutions: Research Triangle Institute (RTI); German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Served United States Agency for International Development; Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT); United States Department of State (DOS) and United States Military for Humanitarian Aid and Assistance and other donor agencies.
  • Directed and provided assistance and technical support in the development and implementation of multi donor programs; project design, evaluation, management and building capacity programs for legislative and executive branch of National and Local government's officials.
  • Negotiator, results oriented, problem solver, strategic thinker, self-motivated with ability to achieve the mission in the face of challenges.

Academic Background

  • Masters in Regional Planning; core studies in ecological planning and international development. University of Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts and Wharton Business School May 1992. Graduated with Distinction.
  • Certificate of International Development and Appropriate Technologies. University of Pennsylvania, 1992
  • Bachelors in Design of the Environment. University of Pennsylvania, 1990.
  • Associate of Applied Science: Architectural Drafting and Design: Texas State Institute of Technology, 1981.
  • George Town University, Certificate in American History and English Literature, 1979.


  • Arabic Native
  • English: Fluent

Personal information:

  • Nationality: Yemenite

Professional Experience

Team Member, USAID/RTI Local Governance Project Iraq, June 2003 -Present

  • Broad range of activities with increasing levels of responsibility throughout course of work on the reconstruction project in post-conflict Iraq.

Team Leader
Senior Governance Advisor
USAID/RTI Local Governance Program
Department of State
Provincial Reconstruction Team
Iraq/Salah ad Din Province
October 2006 - Present

  • Advised and mentored over 200 officials in the executive and legislative branches of Government on roles and responsibilities of the different layer of government structure and best practices on public participation and service delivery for their citizens and province.
  • Guided and assisted executive and legislative branch of the Provincial Government officials learn how to lead, acquire the skills and exercise their authority required to manage the system of their government in order to achieve their development goals.
  • Mentored budget execution and planned municipal projects through Directors General in accordance with budget allocation
  • Created Provincial Development Strategy for Salah Al Din Governorate.
  • Assembled a coalition of Legislators, Directors General, University professors, Community Leaders, and business professionals to create the Provincial Development Plan for the next 5 years in Salah Al Din Province. The plans assembles needs of the community from basic services to telecommunications and prioritize these needs to fit the ongoing budget process, capital improvement projects and forward looking provincial development goals.

Regional Team Leader
Basra/Southern Iraq USAID/RTI Local Governance Program (LGPII)
May 2005 -September 2006

  • General representation of the work of USAID/RTI LGPII in Southern Iraq. Responsible for directing, supervision, and administration of more than 168 national staff and 15 international staff.
  • Coordinated the Provincial Reconstruction Team work in southern Governorates with all donor communities represented in the South Region of Iraq.
  • Assessed all aspects of existing provincial governance system and related institutional arrangements.
  • Developed practical plans to address the existing shortcomings and strengthen current governance process and related institutions to an acceptable base line benchmarks within the framework of the LGP.
  • Conducted governance functional analysis and recommendations to improve existing institutional process including public participation in local government decision making, execution of legal authority and responsibility, transparency and accountability systems; adequacy of by-laws and professional standards for ethics and conduct; clarification of different local government roles and responsibilities.
  • Provided management and administrative training to RTI national staff.

Acting Regional Team Leader
Regional Development Program Coordinator for South Region, Basrah, Southern Iraq
May 2004-October 2004

  • Coordinated the work of the major donor communities and international agencies working in the South Region of Iraq (Basrah, Maysan, Thi Qar and Al-Muthana Governorates): PCO, DIFD, USAID, G5, CIMIC, Governing Councils, Iraqi Governors, Directors General of line ministries: Public Works, Water, Health, Youth and Sports, Social Affairs and Labor
  • Implemented USAID's Local Governance Project, aimed at improving the quality of governance and public services in towns, cities and regions of Southern Iraq.
  • Initiatives on a wide range of locally-selected priorities including capacity-building for local government, increasing access to basic utilities and establishing and training local Governing Councils.

Team Leader
Maysan Governorate, Iraq
June 2003 - February 2004

  • Established, project field office in Maysan Governorate, base of operations for 8 international experts and 183 Iraqi staff.  Responsible for all areas of program development and program management including project design and implementation, staff recruitment and development, procurement, financial management and security management.
  • Focused program efforts to develop the effectiveness and responsiveness of local government institutions to local needs, strengthening their interactions with civil society.
  • Developed Civil Society programs and other advocacy initiatives focused on empowering Iraqi women, youth, farmers and unions
  • Identified and managed grants and projects aimed at the rehabilitation of municipal services.
  • Provided technical and administrative training to RTI National staff.

Senior Political Advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA)
South Region Iraq, February 2004 - April 2004

  • Senior Political Advisor to CPA in Maysan Governorate.  Assisted the CPA Governorate coordinator in initiating political dialogue, consultation, trust and relationship building among local political leaders, tribal and religious leaders and local organizations.
  • Facilitated the establishment of Maysan Governing Council and a Marsh Arab Council
  • Assisted in the first Democracy forum for the Governorate of Maysan, with 340 local participants
  • Advised on the formation of first women's organizations in Maysan
  • Mediated between tribes and political parties to obtain resolution to solve the political crisis in the Governorate

Croken Enterprises Inc., Keansburg, NJ August 2000-April 2003

  • Translations (English to Arabic, Arabic to English) for software application developers. UI design, editing, documentation development (English and Arabic).

Yemen Government and German Technical Cooperation (GTZ),
Hanover, Germany October 1999-June 2000

  • Directed the planning and implementation of the Yemeni exhibition for Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany.  Beginning from the preparatory meeting in Hanover in 1996, represented Yemen in all stages of planning and preparation.  Liaison between Yemeni Government, Yemeni Private Sector, GTZ and German private sector and Government. Managed implementation phase of the project, directing the work of the Yemeni and German design and construction teams.  Brought project to completion on time and under budget.  The Yemeni pavilion was highly successful, being the 3rd most-visited at the Expo.

Pan Yemen Consulting, Sana'a, Republic of Yemen, September 1998-May 1999

  • Directed the planning phase of the Cultural Heritage Project funded by the World Bank. to develop a national policy for preserving Yemeni Cities of historical and cultural significance, especially the three cities designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Cities:  Sana'a, Zabid, and Shibam.
  • Recruited, trained and supervised local research teams to conduct focus groups and interviews to assess socio-economic conditions of households, potential for land use, tourist and commercial development, patterns of property ownership, causes of building decay and potential project supporters.
  • Directed inventory of buildings and landscapes of significance to cultural heritage and developed priority list of potential restorations.
  • Reviewed existing urban settlement and heritage protection laws and advised appropriate Yemeni government agencies on how to improve laws to maintain cultural heritage.
  • Directed environmental impact assessment of proposed project activities.

Project Manager
German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), Sana'a, Republic of Yemen, September 1996-August 1998

Responsible for planning, design and implementation of all activities of the urban development project for the Republic of Yemen, funded by GTZ.  Liaison between Habitat, donor agencies, GTZ and the government of Yemen.  Goal was to develop urban policy through coordination with over 24 local agencies, addressing issues of environmental health and safety.  Some of the project activities included:

  1. Ecological survey and plan for restoration and protection of the greater Wadi Sailah (Sana'a)
  2. National and regional training workshops to disseminate Habitat planning Guidelines for Yemen
  3. Advised municipalities of Aden on urban economic development, as well as on preservation of open spaces, road networks, storm water drainage in Crater area, and preservation of historic water tanks in Al-Tawilah district.

German Technical Cooperation, Sana'a, Republic of Yemen, June 1993-August 1996

Co-Director representing Yemeni Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban Development for German-funded urban development projects.  Directed the reorganization of the Ministry of Construction, approved by the Ministry and the Prime Minister office, based on an in-depth study of the Ministry from its inception. Chaired meeting of the Arab state ministers during the third preparatory meeting for Habitat II, in New York (February 1996).  Created the Yemeni National Committee for Habitat II, and directed its activities:  national conference on urban development issues, preparation of best practices documents, and development of Yemeni National plan of Action.  Led Yemeni delegation to Habitat II Conference in Istanbul, Turkey (June 1996).  Led Yemeni delegation to Dubai, UAE, for discussion of best practices (November 1996).  Designed and supervised implementation of project activities such as:

  • Study by international consultant of the historic cities of Shibam and Hadramout.
  • Design by international consultant of urban development plans for the cities of Lahej, Al-Mahweet and Bajil.
  • Designed and delivered in-country, regional and international training for 158 architectural and engineering staff members of the ministry's national and municipal offices.

Ministry of Municipalities, Sana'a, Yemen Arab Republic July 1981-June 1984

Proposed new position, appointed by Ministerial decree, to run Department of Parks and open Spaces in the Ministry of Municipalities.  Designed, planned and implemented plans to establish neighborhood, sector and national parks with playgrounds (funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA) in major cities of Yemen (Sana'a, Taiz, Al-hudaidah, Ibb and Dhamar).  Organized and implemented projects to beatify city streets and intersection landscapes of the capital with greenery.  Liaison between Yemeni National team and United Nations project to combat desertification (1986-1988).  Led Yemeni delegation on a tour of 5 US cities.

Local Advisor
UNDP, San'a, Yemen Arab Republic 1977- 1978

Counterpart for UN planning expert in Yemeni Ministry of Municipalities, developing master plans for urban development in five major cities of Yemen (San'a, Taiz, Al-hudaidah, Ibb and Dhamar).  Organized field trips, accompanied experts and made introductions to national, regional and local authorities.